Who are Eden Counselling?

Established in 2002 we provide counselling to children, young people and adults. Our qualified counsellors work in over 50 schools throughout Kent, South East London, at our Eden Centre or wherever we are needed.


the story

In 2002 Claire set up Happy Club at the Brent primary school to find out what makes children happy and what stops them from being happy.

(She used to work with older children/younger adults at the YMCA and soon realised that most of their unhappiness had started when they were smaller children).

In 2003 Happy Club was so popular that Claire set up a counselling service which the children named Time 4U. There were individual and group sessions, special assemblies, lunch-time drop-ins, parent and staff support and all sorts. All in all, it was the beginning of something very exciting.

In 2004 Time 4U became so popular that other primary schools wanted the service in their schools. Lorna and Tara also helped at Time 4U. Lorna helped with counselling and Tara with the sums. Claire would be lost without them.

In 2007 Kent County Council asked us to put a counsellor in every Dartford primary school, which was 33 schools! More counsellors and staff came to help Claire, Tara, Lorna and Bradley (he works with children and computers and never gets cross with either). This was an especially fun time.

In 2007 we held a children’s conference called Unique with over 60 children. It was based on SuperHeroes and was an unforgettable day for everybody.

The Time 4U team became a bigger, happier and more caring family. We started working in more areas around Kent and South East London and doing lots of things other than counselling in primary schools. Have a look at ‘our team’ and ‘our services

In 2010 we moved to our 4th and happiest home. We started to develop our training program, as we had become real experts in our area. We decided to share some of our experiences and now our training branch has become really popular. Have a look at ‘our events’.

In 2011, we changed our name based on what we are about which is; Emotional, Development, Education and Nurture (EDEN). We also think it is a great place to relax and learn about yourself.

In 2012 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary and the changes since the early days. Eden and the team are still on the adventure and always developing exciting projects with clever and bright people we meet along the way.

Over the last few years we have had some amazing experiences including a photography exhibiton to raise awareness of mental health as well as a mental health festival during World Mental Health week.